10 Benefits of Sesame oil for Hair

Sesame oil is a popular ingredient of conditioning products for hair growth, but is also very often used separately. No wonder, because vegetable substances contain large amounts of vitamin E and B, minerals and fatty acids, which have beneficial influence on hair? What is this influence? Read below.

  • 1. Stimulates hair growth
  • Sesame oil effectively stimulates blood circulation in skin, that is why it is recommended as a support for strengthening treatments for hair growth. Popularity of this oil in accelerating hair growth comes from efficiency.

  • 2. Eliminates dryness
  • Regular use of sesame oil on scalp and an entire hair length eliminates dryness and deeply nourishes. Properties of sesame oil make it perfect oil for dry hair with tendency to brittleness.

  • 3. Regenerates damaged hair
  • There is a good reason why sesame oil is recommended to people with high and medium porosity. Sesame can work miracles in regeneration of damaged hair, which it nourishes from the inside out by penetrating its deepest layers.

  • 4. Deeply nourishes streaks
  • Diversity of mineral ingredients and vitamins makes sesame oil great conditioning product. Oil treatment with sesame oil or application of hair masks with sesame oil provide deep nourishment.

  • 5. Provides gloss
  • Sesame oil provides hair with gloss. It has light formula, which doesn’t weight hair down, that is why only few drops of this oil is enough to provide hair with healthy and glossy look.

  • 6. Eliminates dandruff
  • Sesame oil indicates antibacterial and antimycotic properties, that is why it is helpful in treatment against dandruff. Massage oil in scalp and leave it over night, in the morning wash your head with delicate shampoo; it will be a key support for anti-dandruff products.

  • 7. Soothes irritations
  • Quality of sesame oil is its soft and pleasant scent, which can have calming influence. On top of that, sesame oil perfectly soothes skin irritations and provides calm to dry scalp.

  • 8. Protects hair
  • Sesame oil is very good as a protective oil against harmful UV radiation. You can protect your hair with just few drops of sesame oil, so that they wouldn’t be damaged by sun, e.g. on the beach.

  • 9. Prevents grey hair
  • Rejuvenating properties of sesame oil are widely known, that is why it will effectively work against premature signs of ageing. It has darkening properties, which prevent grey hair.

  • 10. Cures pediculosis
  • One of the least known properties of sesame oil is use of it to cure pediculosis, i.e. one of the major scalp issues. Use of sesame oil in combination with essential oil on hair can help in getting rid of pediculosis.

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