Sesame oil for massage and oil treatment

Sesame is one of the most nourishing plants with exceptionally rich properties. It contains more calcium than the milk, and is a rich source of antioxidants and vegetable sterols. Sesame oil, not only has many medical properties, but also works perfectly in conditioning. With this oil you can perform massage and oil treatment. How should you use sesame oil?


In massage salons and salons of natural medicine often are used natural vegetable oils, and it’s mostly because of their properties. Sesame oil is one of the most commonly used oils for massage. It can be applied on the body or face in its diluted form, but is also great for creation of face masks – up to 30% of sesame oil in combination with any other base oil (e.g. jojoba). Before massage, you can heat sesame oil a little bit, but remember that this oil is sensitive to high temperature and above 65°C it looses its properties. The asset of sesame oil is that it has nutty scent, which is really relaxing during massage.


Sesame oil is a moisturising oil, which will be perfect for hair care. Oil treatment with sesame extract ensures strengthening of hair, beautiful gloss and smoother. Contained in oil fatty acids (mostly linoleic) in high concentration provide deep hydration of hair and skin, eliminates dryness and roughness of hair, but also restores protective lipid barrier, which is responsible for sustain of proper level of hydration. Few drops of sesame oil is enough to efficiently protect hair against harmful external factors (including UV radiation).


Sesame oil can be used for OCM, i.e. Oil Cleansing Method. It is used as an ingredient of make-up removers, because it has great cleansing properties and doesn’t cause irritations. You can cleanse face of make-up and impurities, and additionally sesame oil will rejuvenate your skin. It indicates strong antioxidant properties and eliminates free radicals, that is why it slower first signs of ageing, e.g. wrinkles. On top of that, sesame oil consists of antibacterial properties, so it can improve condition of acne skin.